FlexMove Accessories


Accessory Modules:

Infeed/Exit Roller Transfer Bridge

  • Fills in space at the end of idler/drive modules for end part transfer
  • Provides roller guarding for 90° transfers
  • Includes 0.41″ diameter transfer rollers
  • Not compatible with Friction Insert Chain
  • Adjustable mounting for fine tuning small parts transfers

Adjustable Stop

  • Product End stop at any location on conveyor rail
  • For accumulating product
  • Not compatible with Friction Insert Chain

90° Transfer Bracket

  • Provides mounting bracket and transfer plate for 90°product transfers
  • Provides solid conveyor alignment for trouble free transfers
  • Compatible with all widths of FlexMove and 2200 Belted Conveyors

Side Tables

  • Provides a 6″ (152 mm) or 12″ (305 mm) wide working surface
  • Adjusts in/out and up/down for product transfer on/off conveyor belts
  • Can be positioned anywhere along the conveyor
  • Anodized aluminum work surface
  • Max load: 5 lbs/ft (6 kg/m), use Adjustable Tie Brackets for added capacity
  • Available in 1′ (305 mm) increments from 1′ (305 mm) to 99′ (30,175 mm)

T-Bolt Hardware

  • Twist in T-Bolt for mounting accessories to the FlexMove conveyor rail and Support Post beam
  • M8-1.25 male threaded post
  • (4) lengths available; 20 mm, 35 mm, 53 mm & 71 mm long
  • Slide In Square Nuts
  • Must be slid in at section break
  • (2) thread sizes available: M6-1.0 or M8-1.25
  • Spring Nuts M8-1.25