E-Commerce Conveyors

The E-Commerce market is fast-paced and continuously growing in demand.  At Dorner, we understand the importance of ensuring the safe, accurate, and on-time fulfilment of your parcels and packages. 

Dorner’s E-Commerce conveyor systems are available for fast delivery with standard conveyor systems shipping within 3-4 weeks! 

Benefits of Dorner E-Commerce Conveyor Systems

  • Quick and efficient delivery of packages and parcels of variety of sizes 
  • Rapid throughput, minimal down-time, and quality product handling 
  • Fast delivery with E-Commerce conveyors systems in 3-4 weeks
  • Ideal for specialized capacity of products including inspection, pacing, gapping, indexing, sortation, and more!

E-Commerce Conveyors in Action

3200 Series Conveyors

Dorner’s 3200 Series Conveyors are ideal for long runs, heavy loads, 24 hour operation, and the continuous demands of E-Commerce, parcel and package handling applications. Available in belted and modular belt models and straight, curves, inclines, declines, and LPZ (Z-Frame) configurations, and come standard with the piece of mind of the Dorner 10-year warranty

Dorner also has a complete line of supporting conveyors to optimize your system. Our other E-Commerce conveyor options include: 

  • 3200 Series Conveyors with Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology
  • FlexMove Flexible Chain Conveyors
  • 2200 Series Belted & Modular Belt Conveyors 
  • Spiral Chutes

Engineered Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions Group is a full-service team of drafters, designers, project managers, electrical and mechanical engineers working together to evaluate your application and design a custom E-Commerce conveyor system that meets your efficiency goals and objectives. Using 3D simulation software we can help you visualize the process and ensure the optimal process and solution. 

Dorner’s Engineered Solutions Group can support E-Commerce conveyor applications involving:

  • Merging, diverting, rotating and sorting products
  • Increasing efficiency; reducing product loss and downtime, and maximizing throughput
  • Accumulation systems
  • Depositing and rejects
  • Indexing and positioning
  • Inspection, testing and sortation
  • Product handling including multiple sizes and shapes
  • Backlit, lift gate, and vacuum conveyor options


E-Commerce Conveyor Installation Services
Our experienced engineering team can visit your facility to ensure your equipment is set up so that it performs at peak capacities. Our E-Commerce conveyor installation service is comprehensive, encompassing delivery, staging, setup and training on your equipment.

If you plan to manage installation internally or work with another contractor, we can send a certified Dorner service team member to act as an on-site supervisor.

E-Commerce Conveyor Training Services
Training can help reduce downtime and increase your team’s safety, efficiency and productivity levels. Dorner’s expert field services team delivers on-site training in safety, maintenance, troubleshooting and other areas.

Our E-Commerce conveyor training can be conducted in groups or with just a single team member. Our training can be held during or after conveyor installation. Your team will also have 24/7 access to first-rate online resources such as videos and guides.

E-Commerce Conveyor Maintenance Program
Dorner offers an E-Commerce conveyor maintenance program that involves only labor or labor and parts. Our service starts with an on-site evaluation of your fulfillment conveyor(s). Once we assess your needs, we’ll produce a custom plan with our recommended service intervals.

Dorner’s E-Commerce conveyor maintenance program covers a wide range of tasks, from inspection and adjustments to debris removal and lubrication. If your business is on Dorner’s labor and parts plan, you will also receive a 10 percent discount on parts.

To discuss your unique E-Commerce conveyance requirements, please contact our customer service team by phone, email or chat.